Mariam's Hero Story


Life was beautiful in Syria, everyone who did his work and the children played normally every day, but as a result of the unstable situation.

Things changed when the warplane bombarded our quiet village and fear entered the hearts of all the people.

Life changed us and it was not as it was because of the fear that entered our hearts and we decided to resort to Kurdistan.

After the suffering we faced when we arrived in Kurdistan on the road, we finally arrived at a school in the province of Sulaymaniyah.

After staying at that school for about two weeks we moved to the camp in Arbat.

Life was alien to us from the fear of living in the tents because of the storms and fires, and the situation remained so

 We moved to Barika camp.

Then we lived in the tents for two months until there was a house became available in the camp and now we live in it.

*Teaching Assistants provided support in Arabic - English translation for context and clarity while preserving intent and content of story.