Salih’s Life


Salih was one of the children who are very interested in football and was superior to his friends in performance and movements.

From a deep love to playing football he dreams of becoming a famous player. His father encouraged him to reach his dream and so he continues to play football.

The monster in Salih's story is the war. Salih's father left their home country and leaving their dreams behind them.

The war that made Salih leave his hobby and care for his family. For a long time Salih did not think he would ever achieve his dream.

After Salih's family finally came to a safe place, Salih thought of returning to playing football. He starts to get fit to play football with new friends.

But unfortunately, his greatest champion, his father, passed away.

But Salih continued and persevered with every effort to study to reach his dream and vowed, “The life did not end with the death of my father.”

Salih continues to work to achieve his dream. "The only thing between me and achieving my dream is hard work.”

*Teaching Assistants provided support in Arabic - English translation for context and clarity while preserving intent and content of story.